Do I need a fire alarm system if I already have a fire sprinkler system installed?


Yes. Fire sprinkler systems are extremely useful for putting out fires, but they are not as useful for notifying occupants in your building of an emergency. Certain types of fire alarms can even detect smoke and other gases before the flames start, giving you extra time to escape the building.

What’s the difference between a conventional fire alarm system and an addressable fire alarm system?

Conventional fire alarm systems will sound in the event of a fire, but cannot tell you specifically where the fire is located – only which zone is alarming. While this is often enough for small buildings, larger facilities or building campuses may require additional information.

Addressable fire alarm systems will be able to show you exactly which devices […]

How often do I need to test my fire alarm system?

The NFPA codes requires that you have your fire alarm system inspected annually. Keeping on top of regular fire alarm system maintenance will help your system last for a very long time.